A game to teach the facial features- 코 코 코 놀이!


Here’s a very easy game to practice the names and locations of the facial features. This is a good drill for a parent who needs to memorise these words, too!!

( If you want to review vocabulary for this game, Click here! )

To play, simply start gently tapping the nose, “코, 코, 코, 코, 코~”

Then you pick another facial feature, name it and tap on it. eg. “..눈!”

“코, 코, 코, 코, 코~ 입!”

“코, 코, 코, 코~ 코!”

“코, 코, 코, 코, 코, 코~ 볼!”

This game has a similar feeling to the English “Simon Says,” in that the second facial feature you name ought to be suddenly and unexpectedly picked, seeing if the child can quickly recognise and point to it.

This game can be played with babies of any age, adapted to suit their ability. For a small baby, you might tap their face or your own face to show them, as they get a little bigger, you might hold their hand with index finger extended and help them tap their own face or yours. Now Alice is learning to point with her own finger and she likes to practice by herself “코, 코, 코, 코, 코~”


  • Becca Manner

    When I was in Level 1 of Korean at Sogang one of our teachers taught us to sing the ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ song in Korean. At the end, with that last body part she would say something different and point to the wrong part of the body. So if she ended with ‘눈!’ we were supposed to touch our eyes but she would confuse us by touching her ears when saying ‘눈’. It really gave us a quiz! It would be fun to play with an older child.

  • Linda Dunsmore

    really cool! Can’t wait to play this with my future half-Korean baby 😉